If there’s one kind of pipe that’s ubiquitous in its use is PVC (polyvinyl chloride) 

pipe. As opposed to other types of pipes PVC pipes are an option for many 

aspects, such as low cost accessibility, simple installation, and easy transportation and costs that are low, such as low cost, easy availability, simple installation, and maintenance. 

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Here are a few of the typical uses for PVC pipes: 

1) Plumbing 

PVC fittings and pipes are often employed in plumbing projects. Today, the majority of home builders use PVC pipes and fittings. 

Select PVC pipes for the plumbing in new houses. This is due to the fact that PVC 

pipes are cost-effective they last for longer steel or ceramic pipes. They’re less expensive and last longer. 

Keshav Kripa Pipes offers a wide assortment of PVC pipe fittings that can be used to put in PVC pipes 

for the purpose of laying out the plumbing for the plumbing. Another reason is that it’s easier to lay down the plumbing work. PVC pipes an ideal option for 

plumbing is that it is possible to cut them and lengthen them. In contrast metal pipes 

Don’t allow for easy alteration of length. 

2) Sewage 

In addition to the plumbing aspect, PVC pipes also make ideal choices to drain water. 

One of the major reasons that makes PVC pipes an excellent choice for sewage systems is the fact that they are 

the ability to be able to resist chemical reactions. 

In contrast to metal pipes, PVC pipes do not allow chemical reactions and do not corrosion. As such, 

They require minimal maintenance and are used for a longer period of time. PVC pipes are readily available. 

Available in various sizes, you can select your diameter for PVC pipes according to the requirements of 

Your sewage treatment project.

3) Industries 

PVC pipes are commonplace in industrial pipe applications. In industries, PVC 

pipes are utilized for many different purposes including transportation of dangerous chemicals as well as processing 

cooling water. 

Industries’ piping systems have to satisfy a variety of requirements due to the hard work 

environments. PVC pipes are among the most robust. They’re a great option for use 

for piping systems in industry because they offer excellent resistance to corrosion. 

4) Agriculture 

PVC today accounts for the majority of fittings and pipes for agriculture. PVC pipes and fittings 

fittings are now the preferred choice for the agricultural industry in India because they are cost-effective option. 

option. The vast array of PVC pipe fittings offered opens the door to the possibility of 

endless possibilities that can be made PVC pipes. 

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