Prior to the use of infrastructure industry concrete and metal pipe to provide pipes the pipe is prone to issues with performance like cracking, corrosion as well as joint separation. Through the years, HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe is available in a wide range and is longer-lasting than other types of pipes. Double-wall corrugated pipe is made up of a corrugated outer with an interior that is smooth.
The most important features are:

  • Long Life: These items are made of the best HDPE raw materials that have an extremely high life span that is greater than 50 years in some instances.
  • Conduits with Anti-Rodent properties can be produced with AntiRodent properties. Rodent properties in the event of such a requirement.
  • Non-Flame Propagating conduits are able to include special features, like non-flame propagation, which doesn’t allow flame to spread through the conduit.
  • UV Stability: This specific kind of conduit is made available for a variety of customers who require special UV protection in the event that it is employed in a specific application, such as being exposed to sunlight, not buried roofs, etc. We hold exclusive rights to the manufacture of these types of conduits.
  • Lightweight, flexible, and easy to lay/transport When compared to other products such as GI, CI, and Cement with the same lifespan The weight of HDPE/DWC/PLB conduit is significantly smaller due to the density differences. This makes it very easy to carry and lay. They are also flexible! It is possible to bend them at certain angles without causing damage to the pipe which is not the case using other kinds of material.
    Because of their High-Quality longer life and low price, the demand to purchase DWC pipes is constantly growing across the globe. Here are a few of the specialties in DWC pipes:
    • It is a good choice for underground construction, sewer laying, electrical work, and roof applications.
    • The pipes are designed to withstand a lot of pressure. It is very easy to put together using a snap coupler.
    • DWC provides incredible ring stiffness.
    • They also offer additional highlights upon requests, such as an additional smooth layer or greased-up silicone layer.
    • DWC pipes are flexible, they bend up to the minimum radius of bending specified by the manufacturer without causing damage to the pipes.
    • DWC pipes come with IP67 protection in accordance with IS:16205.2018 (Part 24) to protect against dust and water ingress properties.
  • There are many different features of DWC pipes, and they include:
    • The DWC pipe is diverse on the exterior and interior surfaces They are definitely solid and more firm.
    • Constructed with high-density polyethylene, which increased the life span of the channel.
    • The pipes are tremor-safe and not able to be broken during catastrophic events such as earthquakes.
    • Excellently suited for Hospitals schools, provinces workshops, and distribution centers. seepage framework.
    • The best way to lay electric wire.


1. Sewage and Drainage System

In the last forty years Double Wall Corrugated (DWC) HDPE plastic pipes are widely used as a standard for effective drainage and sewage systems. DWC is an o-ring that is of the finest quality and is ideal for drainage, non-pressure underground sewerage, and drainage cross (pipe culvert) for various purposes.

The pipes can help municipal conglomerates, urban conglomerates, and industries handle their rain and wastewater with efficiency. This solution will help not just safeguard the environment, but will also protect your investment. After installation, the pipes are maintenance-free and be underground for many years.

  • No cracks, no leaks, and no harm to the environment and soil.
  • Pipelaying isn’t disruptive to urban clusters.
  • The life expectancy of more than 100 years.
  • Makes use of a smaller amount of material for the same strength.
  • Utilizes less manpower and can be placed in extremely constrained areas.
  • Chemically inert for wastewater ingredients and also ‘crown corrosion’.
  • It’s not there.

2. To protect the casing

It’s Double Wall Construction (DWC) pipes feature a unique design. It is light in weight and provides superior mechanical properties such as higher ring stiffness, greater crushing strength, and better resistance. The smooth, inner wall makes it possible for the easy installation of ducts and cables.
They are able to stand up to heavy loads once properly buried and backfilled. This makes it ideal and suitable for use as a jacket or casing pipes in situations where the direct placing of cables and ducts isn’t safe or easy.
  • Longer life span compares to the GI, RCC, and PVC Pipe.
  • It is lightweight and simple to transport, handle and set up.
  • Ability to handle loads of a high weight because of good mechanical properties.
  • Chemically insertable and thus ideal for use in coastal or saline areas.
  • There are no sharp edges, which makes it secure for the installation of duct/cable.
  • Flexible enough to handle turns and curves to avoid obstacles.

Advantages of the DWC pipes: 

Due to its advantage, the demand for DWC pipes is continuously increasing in India. Let’s have a look at the advantages:

  • The HDPE DWC pipes have a longer life than other pipes
  • As because the DWC pipes are made of environment-friendly material are good for underground laying, sewer laying, and electrical work
  • These pipes are capable to take heavy tension
  • Provide high resistance to corrosion
  • It is easy to bent and easy to join with a coupler
  • DWC provides excellent ring stiffness.

The other advantages of this unique corrugated design are maximum load-bearing strength with more life span.

  • Very good resistance to corrosion.
  • Good abrasion resistance.
  • Weathering is less.
  • Raw material saving.
  • Excellent Ring Stiffness.
  • Chemically inert & environmentally safe.
  • Good impact strength.
  • The smooth inner wall, hence minimum Friction loss.
  • When bent, the roundness of the pipe is retained.
  • Moderate flexibility takes care of Soil Settlement if any.
  • Takes heavy earth loads.
  • Easy jointing using couplers provided by our company.
  • Available with Anti Rodent & Non-Flame Propagating properties.

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