All We Need To Know About Agriculture Piping Products

know about agriculture piping products

The agriculture industry uses numerous pipes for various uses and even terrains. Most of the time, pipes are utilized to distribute water to farms from the water sources that may be close or away from the farm. The location, source and other variables also decide the type of pipe to be used for distribution. The […]

How Agricultural Pipes Pave the Way for a Greener Planet

agricultural pipes for greener planet

A good supply of water is essential for agricultural. It can affect the crop yield and plays an important part in ensuring food security. In India there are approximately 48.8 percent of the 140 million hectares agriculture land are irrigated. This is a major factor in 80 percent of groundwater consumed across the nation. The […]

Effective Use Of The Sprinkler Pipes

effective use of the sprinkler pipes

The term “sprinkler system” refers to a set of devices that are utilized to collect water from an underground source or stored source and sprinkle it over the field of choice. The idea behind sprinkler systems is simple. A pumping mechanism draws water and then directs it to a fixed sprinkler pipe. The pipes carry […]