5 Common Varieties of Pipes Used in Industrial Solutions

varieties of pipes

In terms of Industrial applications pipes are typically used to carry a wide range of liquids and solid substances. With every kind of material, there are distinct needs for durability and strength and that’s why industrial pipes are offered in a wide range of sizes, materials , and characteristics. Flexible as well as rigid tubing […]

What type of pipes are used in a borewell?

what type of pipes are used in borewell

Experts are unanimously in favor of uPVC pipes for casing and column pipes for the installation of borewells in industrial and domestic applications. UPVC pipes are definitely preferred over metal pipes because of their durability and superior qualities which metal pipes don’t have. Let’s examine the distinctive properties which make uPVC pipes last for up […]


Double Wall Corrugated Pipe (DWC Pipes)

Double Wall Corrugated ( DWC ) HDPE pipes Double Wall Corrugated ( DWC ) HDPE pipes are similar to regular HDPE pipes with the exception that they feature different external and internal surfaces that give the pipes additional stiffness and strength. These are made from High-Density Polyethylene, which is extremely durable and has high longevity. They are […]

Applications & Advantages of DWC Pipes

Advantages of the DWC pipes

WHAT DWC WHAT IS DWC PIPE? Prior to the use of infrastructure industry concrete and metal pipe to provide pipes the pipe is prone to issues with performance like cracking, corrosion as well as joint separation.¬†Through the years, HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe is available in a wide range and is longer-lasting than other types of […]