When to Use PVC Duct Pipe and Fittings

When to use pvc duct pipe & fittings

Two of the main reasons PVC or CPVC are so popular is their low price and lightweight. They cost less than other metal pipes and can be installed easily. They’re also lightweight that means they require less support than the heavy metal pipes. They also have amazing chemical resistances So what’s not there to like? […]

The Difference between CPVC and PVC Pipes

difference between cpvc and pvc pipes

What are PVC Pipes? Plumbing fittings and pipes are typically made from PVC, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a synthetic plastic with stabilizers to avoid the oxidation and degrading. PVC pipe-work and pipes are extremely durable because it is designed to resist destruction. If properly installed, the products may last between 50 and 50 years, or […]

4 uses of PVC pipes

Uses of PVC Pipes

If there’s one kind of pipe that’s ubiquitous in its use is PVC (polyvinyl chloride)  pipe. As opposed to other types of pipes PVC pipes are an option for many  aspects, such as low cost accessibility, simple installation, and easy transportation and costs that are low, such as low cost, easy availability, simple installation, and¬†maintenance.¬† […]

Benefits Of Using PVC Over Other Materials

benefits of using pvc pipes

Cracks, corrosion and leaks in traditional fittings for pipes threaten your drinking water’s quality as well as vital sanitation services. For all water-related initiatives, PVC pipes have an advantage over traditional pipes as well as other materials. Made with modern techniques, PVC pipes are more sturdy and reliable compared to pipes made from other materials. […]