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QA Laboratory

Quality Policy

The Company’s Laboratory is well equipped to establish varied specifications consistent with the Bureau of Indian as well as Bhutan Standard, IS, and ISO. We are entrusted to cater to our customers’ expressed and implicit quality needs through contemplation of applicable technologies and advanced techniques to establish varied factors.
We assimilate various processes to manage and improve the quality, to foster a spirit of pride among our employees regarding the company’s quality performance through training and involving them in continuous improvement.

Being conscious and proud of our worldwide reputation for manufacturing different kinds of Pipes of premium quality is strongly focused.

1. To achieve final customer satisfaction by producing excellent products in terms of pleasurable testing. By innovating continually in all aspects of our business. Within the Keshav Kripa Polyplast group guideline and specifications.

2. To ensure profitable and efficient processes by creating a safe healthy and motivating working environment.

3. To achieve customer satisfaction towards business unit delivering effectively agreed quantities as per schedule.

4. To effectively utilize the resources allocated by the group in alignment with the group’s values, policies guidelines.

5. To create and maintain within Keshav Kripa Polyplast Group guideline, a pool of reliable suppliers capable of meeting consistently agreed services levels in terms of quality, quantity, and delivery time promoting a ‘’win-win’’ partnership.

6. To effectively utilize the resources allocated by the Keshav Kripa Polyplast in alignment. With group values, policies, and guidelines.

7. To minimize the impact on the environment by optimizing the usage of available natural resources.

8. To maintain our focus on supporting and developing the community by taking sustainable imitative.

9. Management provides Quality related training from time to time as per requirement and management conducts an annual review of the quality policy for its effectiveness and consistency with business objectives. 





Impact Testing Machine

Carbon Black Content Machine

IP Tester

Carbon Black Dispersion Machine

Ring Stiffness-Tester


Melt-Flow-Index-Tester (MFI)

OIT Machine

H P T machine