When to Use PVC Duct Pipe and Fittings

When to use pvc duct pipe & fittings

Two of the main reasons PVC or CPVC are so popular is their low price and lightweight. They cost less than other metal pipes and can be installed easily. They’re also lightweight that means they require less support than the heavy metal pipes. They also have amazing chemical resistances So what’s not there to like? […]

4 Points To Consider Before Installing Drainage System In India

installing draining system

When planning the design of a field, garden, or lawn, usually the focus is always on the layout. A stunning landscape is what drives many of these plans. But, there’s one additional important aspect to be consideredthe drainage system on the surface. In India There are many places where heavy rainfall has resulted in huge […]

5 Common Varieties of Pipes Used in Industrial Solutions

varieties of pipes

In terms of Industrial applications pipes are typically used to carry a wide range of liquids and solid substances. With every kind of material, there are distinct needs for durability and strength and that’s why industrial pipes are offered in a wide range of sizes, materials , and characteristics. Flexible as well as rigid tubing […]

The Difference between CPVC and PVC Pipes

difference between cpvc and pvc pipes

What are PVC Pipes? Plumbing fittings and pipes are typically made from PVC, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a synthetic plastic with stabilizers to avoid the oxidation and degrading. PVC pipe-work and pipes are extremely durable because it is designed to resist destruction. If properly installed, the products may last between 50 and 50 years, or […]

All We Need To Know About Agriculture Piping Products

know about agriculture piping products

The agriculture industry uses numerous pipes for various uses and even terrains. Most of the time, pipes are utilized to distribute water to farms from the water sources that may be close or away from the farm. The location, source and other variables also decide the type of pipe to be used for distribution. The […]

How Agricultural Pipes Pave the Way for a Greener Planet

agricultural pipes for greener planet

A good supply of water is essential for agricultural. It can affect the crop yield and plays an important part in ensuring food security. In India there are approximately 48.8 percent of the 140 million hectares agriculture land are irrigated. This is a major factor in 80 percent of groundwater consumed across the nation. The […]

What Are the Differences Between PVC and HDPE?

difference between pvc and hdpe

PVC as well as HDPE are, without doubt, the two most well-known pipes utilized in underground construction. There is a lot of debate about which is the best one to utilize when it comes to pipe solutions for both businesses and homes. The two pipes PVC or HDPE pipes have strengths and weaknesses, and it […]

4 uses of PVC pipes

Uses of PVC Pipes

If there’s one kind of pipe that’s ubiquitous in its use is PVC (polyvinyl chloride)  pipe. As opposed to other types of pipes PVC pipes are an option for many  aspects, such as low cost accessibility, simple installation, and easy transportation and costs that are low, such as low cost, easy availability, simple installation, and¬†maintenance.¬† […]

How To Choose The Right Plumbing Pipes

choose right plumbing pipes

Plumbing pipes play an crucial role in the daily lives of. They carry potable water that is used in the bathroom or kitchen. When you’re searching at plumbing pipe for your office or home it is essential to select the correct pipes. Pipes that are poorly constructed could cost you a significant amount of money […]